Roberto Cabezas & Alejandro Lobo

Chair Creative Computing


Roberto Cabezas Hernández is a transmedia software developer, researcher, and educator, currently living and working in Mexico City. He is the Chair Creative Computing at CENTRO, where his work, research, and lectures focus on: applied artificial intelligence, data visualization, affective and cognitive computing, algorithmic creation, procedural animation, computational simulation, and philosophy of technology. He obtained a Ph.D. in Music Technology and graduated with honors from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). As part of his work, he creates and develops software tools for music composition, animation, immersive design, and interactive audiovisual performance to explore new ideas on hybrid computational models for human-machine cooperation and social accountability for technology development.

Alejandro Lobo is an artist dedicated to the creation of narratives through new digital media, combining aspects of technology, design and cinematography with the aim of experimenting and finding diverse ways of telling stories.

Simulation in design

Let your creativity flow and understand how computer simulations can extend graphic and interactive imaginaries, achieving innovative forms of expression or the creation of scenarios for the representation of complex systems. Experiment with Blender, a free-to-use tool that can spark new paths in your creative practice.

Additional requirements: Laptop with Blender previously installed


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