Abel Valdez



Abel has Bachelor's in Design from La Salle University and in Philosophy from UNAM. From 2016 to 2017 he was a Product Designer at Landor Associates, and until 2020 the Director of Innovation at Nosotrxs. He is a Professor of Design Methodologies at Panamericana University and teaches workshops at the Stanford School of Design. Since 2019 he co-founded and co-directs Accionar.io, where he designs and develops human-centered technology for hundreds of activists, movements, and organizations. In 2021 he founded Espacio Nativo, a social innovation hub that brings together 18 organizations such as change.org, Ashoka and Conservation International.

Co-designing solutions and prototypes with AI

In this workshop, we will explore Accionar.io’s methodology and the use of artificial intelligence tools to co-design projects that solve social issues. As AI becomes more accessible, it is crucial to reflect on its potential to drive social change. Join Abel to discover how AI can be a powerful ally in designing innovative and equitable solutions to the social challenges we face, using their own assistant: Accionar.ia.


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