Mariana Valenzuela & Sonia Gutierrez

UX Lead & UX Designer

+Mujeres en UX

Mariana is a Journalist, UX Designer and Product Manager. She has 12 years of experience working in the digital world and 6 years leading the feminist +Mujeres en UX (+Women in UX) community, present in 8 Latin American countries. She is passionate about project, team, product and event management, and currently leads the Product and UX team at Prey, the Chilean cybersecurity company. Furthermore, she undergoing a Masters in Innovation at the University of Barcelona.

Sonia is a Product Designer with more than 10 years of experience in educational, software development and financial projects. Her focus is human-centered design, driven to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to create unique experiences that address people's challenges. She gained her Masters in Interactive Digital Media at Ravensbourne. Currently, she is part of the design team at Wizeline, a Mexican company that provides technological services, and is a member of the Communications team at +Women in UX México.

Leadership and Development of Design Teams: How to Guide the Maturity Process

This workshop will review the “Team Development Theory” that will help you identify the maturity phase of the team in which you work and will allow you to plan what you can do to accompany people in meeting their objectives and professional growth.
We know that management and leadership tools are not something we delve into in our design careers, but fear no more! Because this practical workshop will give you insights into how to advance as a leader and manage your team, from how to organize your feedback sessions, to how to collaborate and set goals.
It is a workshop designed for any designer who is leading teams or plans to exercise a manager role, but no previous experience is necessary to participate.


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