Sophia and Jed Lazar


Cozy Juicy Real

Jed and Sophia believe in the magic of conversation to create a deeply connected world. They’re coaches, board game designers and the creators of Cozy Juicy Real – a board game experience played in 71 countries and by teams at Google, Nike, Adobe and the UN.

Connect Deeply with the Design Matters Community

Connect meaningfully with others in the industry.

During Design Matters Mexico 24, you’ll have the opportunity to begin lasting relationships with collaborators, mentors, mentees and others in the design industry.
For this event, we’ve brought in the team at Cozy Juicy Real – a virtual board game experience that kindles fun, authentic and deeply connecting interactions.

You’ll get:

– An easy way to connect with others in the industry
– Questions thoughtfully designed to spark conversation and human connection
– Thought-provoking activities, playful mechanics and memorable interactions

What to expect:

– A fun and engaging experience
– Playing the connection board game Cozy Juicy Real in breakout rooms
– This event is hosted in English, but you can participate in Spanish


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