Pamela Leon & Veronica Bluguermann

Senior Service Designers


Coming from Mexico and currently making waves in Norway, meet Pamela, a seasoned Senior Service Designer and Strategist with a decade of industry experience under her belt. Originally trained as an Industrial Designer, she quickly realized the influence wielded by Business Design, storytelling, and data, in facilitating decision-making.
Pamela has steered strategic projects, with a focus on maternal and newborn healthcare education across diverse markets. In recent times, she's embraced Futures Thinking methodologies, aiming to combine these forward-thinking insights with responsible and ethical design principles.
Not one to shy away from challenges, Pamela recently embarked on her most extraordinary project yet - becoming a mother to twin baby girls. Her mission? Passing on her deep love for her culture and language to the next generation.

Meet Veronica, a Senior Service Designer from Argentina, currently making her mark at Laerdal. With over ten years at the crossroads of Design and Health, she's a seasoned designer who's made impactful strides across various design roles and industries, such as working as a researcher to foster Design Thinking in public health, designing services to improve maternal health outcomes in low-resource settings, and developing solutions for newborn resuscitation training. Now, she’s channeling her talents into facilitating business discovery within nursing education.
She has an Industrial Design degree from the University of Buenos Aires, an MA in Strategic Design from Aalto University, and currently honing her business acumen via an MBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology.


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