Alejandra Dancuart & Alexandra Mengoni

Talent Manager & DesignOps Manager

Banco de Crédito BCP

Alejandra Dancuart has been involved in projects and consulting in research, innovation, well-being and community construction for almost a decade. She has co-created and worked to reduce the digital gap in Latin America, from constructing learning programs for professionals from sectors such as retail, finance, health, education and tech, to building programs focused on topics such as design, innovation, data and business. All while delving deeper into the learning culture in the organizations she's collaborated with. Today she is the Talent Manager of the Innovation Center of the Banco de Crédito del Perú and also works as an Innovation Consultant at the Peruvian Ministry of Education.

Alexandra is the DesignOps Manager at Banco de Crédito del Perú - BCP. She has previously worked in the same role in other companies, such as BBVA Perú, RIMAC Insurances and Huge Colombia. She is also the Founder of DesignOps Latam, a community of designers that seeks to increase the maturity of this practice in Latin America, generating content in Spanish and from a local perspective, joining forces with professionals from different countries and sharing knowledge, experiences and learnings on a regional level.

Design as a link to the future: Navigating a storm (?) of uncertainty

Have you wondered if Design Thinking is losing its shine? We believe that, on the contrary, it is being reborn. Over the years, it has made organizations worldwide re-think, question and improve the way they do things, which continues to contribute to promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation in our teams. Even more so in our current apocalyptic context: layoffs, political and environmental crises, and the arrival of new technologies.

In this practical workshop with the 2 Ale’s, we will:
– Team up to explore how our role as designers influences our leadership and the demands of the business
– We will present 2 real situations so that you can question, in a safe space, your actions and skills as designers facing the future

By the end of the workshop, you will have developed and reflected on key skills (such as empathetic emotional intelligence, the ability to trust, transparent and assertive communication, and having a future focus) that you must have to successfully function in a senior role, and start to be a radical optimist in your organization.

Action, reflection and execution. Who can stop you after this transformative experience?


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