Bronwyn Williams & Tumelo Mojapelo

Director of Foresight & Head of Content

Flux Trends

Bronwyn Williams is a Futurist, Economist and Business Trends Analyst. Her areas of expertise include fintech trends, alternative economic models, and sustainable future design. She is a partner and Director of Foresight at Flux Trends, and a Futures Fellow at the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP.

Tumelo Mojapelo is the Head of Content, Foresight Facilitator, and Membership Concierge at Flux Trends. She oversees and directs research and content, and is on an ongoing mission to uncover fresh and complex anomalies in the world of trends.

Worldbuilding : Create the future one ad at a time

Join Bronwyn and Tumelo and get the basics of foresight and why it matters. Gain an understanding of how and why it’s important to think like a futurist.
You will learn about:
– Where futures and design meet
– What is worldbuilding and how to do it – from what is to what if
– Speculative design of Things and Ideas from the future
– Basics of backcasting (how to get from there to here)

With their guidance, you will create a multimedia campaign from the future and get your foresight journey stared.


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