Daniela Nicholson

Creative Director

Sed: Studio

Daniela spent some years in Europe but decided to return, captivated by the magic that surrounds Peru. She founded Sed Branding Studio, where, as the Creative Director, she draws inspiration from the vibrant mix of Peruvian food and culture.
While initially considering advertising design as her career, she pursued communications, developing her love for design but also for words and meanings. Her brief time working as an advertising copywriter taught Daniela how to create concepts based on insights. When she discovered branding, she felt as much happiness as when she discovered chocolate.
The name of her Studio (Sed) translates to thirst, and it symbolizes the importance of nurturing daily curiosity to create brands with unique personalities. Sed Studio has crafted and propelled over 100 brands, including Peruvian startups that are now expanding across Latin America.

The words behind our origin

In LatinAmerica, where food has so deeply shaped our identity, words serve as ingredients to cook identity discourse, belonging and pride. These cultural expressions inspire us, and at the same time, can be useful to develop and progress.

Brands communicate verbally, visually, and experientially. Every one of those languages is equally important; and to achieve powerful identities, brands need a clear personality, tone of voice, defined topics and main messages. It is through words that concepts become visual solutions and through messages that brands communicate with their audience, how they truly connect and become lovemarks.


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