Pauly R.

Design Maverick | TEDX Speaker | Creative Visionary


Meet Pauly, the Startup Whisperer and Senior Product Designer extraordinaire, boasting a decade of experience in the wild and wacky world of startups. She's your go-to guru for companies in the Seed and Series A stages, where chaos is just another form of creativity. In fact, what designer can resist a little chaos? Pauly has a knack for it; she's been featured as a TEDx speaker and even made an appearance in a Kauffman Foundation documentary, proving that when she talks about startups, people listen. When she's not turning chaos into beautiful user experiences, Pauly unwinds with her wife and a four-legged, tail-wagging sidekick. Join her when she takes the stage at Design Matters, and you'll discover how you can make an impact in even the wildest of startup dreams.

The Design Priesthood in the Digital Age

What does Villasenor, Priests, and Huatzindeo have to do with Product Design? Join me as we reflect on the ethical considerations embedded in their historical narrative and discover how these lessons resonate in the digital era. Unraveling the threads of colonization, exploitation, and cultural evolution, we’ll draw parallels between the shaping of physical landscapes and the responsible crafting of digital experiences. As we journey through the intriguing past and the evolving present, let’s explore the profound impact of Generative AI, challenging us to redefine our roles as modern-day architects. Together, we’ll delve into the intersection of history and innovation, shaping a narrative that inspires ethical, user-centric Product Design in the ever-evolving digital frontier.


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