Peter Gregersen

Chief UX Designer

Vipps MobilePay

Peter is a Danish UX Designer with a degree in Information Science from Aarhus University. He has conceptualized and designed mobile products since 2007. Among his award-winning work is Danske Mobilbank (Denmark’s first native mobile bank) and MobilePay (the largest Nordic mobile payment solution). He currently holds a position as Chief UX Designer in Vipps MobilePay, a merged Nordic mobile payment company with more than 11 million users.
Peter is an experienced international speaker that also gave a presentation at Design Matters back in 2015.

A tale of trust: Designing mobile payments for entire populations

Join this captivating tale that connects Korean Kimchi to a Danish mobile payment solution.

We’ll dive into the Nordic design scene, where trust seems to be the secret sauce. How do you design for an entire population? Which new patterns and habits does this cater for? And what’s your responsibility as a designer when entire populations depend on your product?

The session aims to provoke thoughtful discussions on the intersection of culture, trust and design.


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