Miguel Melgarejo

Director of Experience Strategy


Miguel Melgarejo is the Director of Experience Strategy at Cocolab, a leading multimedia experience studio based in Mexico City. He has a master's degree in Strategic Product Design from the TU Delft in the Netherlands, and he's been the leading strategist for a wide range of projects in national and international scenarios. His past clients include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Danone International, Facebook, SURA, FEMSA, and UNICEF in topics such as business strategy, service design and social impact program development.
He is also, along with Cocolab, a founding member of the World Experience Organization (WXO), through which they collaborate in the advancement of the experience design field worldwide. Miguel is constantly exploring, reflecting, and sharing knowledge through custom experiences (Blobworks), essays, conferences, and classes around Mexico and the globe.
Miguel is an avid promoter of the creative industries through the creation of communities, documentaries and podcasts.

Every moment counts: inspiring meaning and connection through multimedia experiences

We live in faster and busier environments than any other point in humanity. Things that used to surprise and connect us get constantly overshadowed by ever tinier bits of stimulus. Is it possible to use design, multimedia and technology to create meaningful moments for people?

In his talk Miguel will share Cocolab’s approach to multimedia experience creation, showing how it is possible to inspire and connect people to their environment, community and culture through experience design.

We’ll cover key concepts and definitions using real world examples (from nightwalks in archeological sites to multimedia shows using world famous intellectual properties) that show the importance of this discipline and its relevance in the years to come.


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