Our committee consisted of some of our previous and future speakers. Find them below.

The Goal

We believe that choosing the themes with a Committee of Mexican, Latin, and other international designers adds a global and diverse perspective to Design Matters. Spotting and understanding trends and needs allows us to engage the community as well as create a more relevant and interesting conference for everyone, and not only from a European perspective.

Design Matters Mexico 24


From left to right: Adrian Solca (EPAM Continuum), Layshi Curbelo (Command Z), Sandra Garcia (​​Tipas Type), Roberto Cabezas (CENTRO), Angel Lorenzo (frog), Nikita Ghugari (Xeno Co-Lab), Dafne Martinez (Tipas Type), Claudia Sosa (Sofía), Benjamin Real (Multiplica), Swar Raisinghani (Xeno Co-Lab), Regina Bortoni (Openn), Michael Christiansen (Design Matters) and Elsie Ralston (Design Matters).

Special thanks to Anamaria Dorgo from Butter for running the workshop.



These cool companies helped Design Matters to come alive