V. Sri

Content Designer

Smallish Book

V. Sri is a former marketer turned content designer with a decade of experience at Yelp, Asana, Google, Zendesk, and his consultancy, Look & Point. He's obsessed with storytelling and even taught a class on it at Stanford's d.school. When he's not writing, V leads storytelling workshops and authors the Microprinciples newsletter. Currently, V is collaborating on the Smallish Book, the world's first philosophy book about UX writing.

Be a conduit, not a creator: Futurism as writing and designing

The future isn’t a place, it’s a story we craft in the present through our choices, actions, and principles. To design an equitable, inclusive, and frankly, more hopeful future, we need a more pluralistic approach. In this optimistic talk, V. Sri will share with us principles and stories about how we might broaden our toolset. It’s about writing and designing a story we all want to live out together.

V will guide us through:

– The future is not binary
– Don’t leave out the impossible
– Challenge the dominant narrative
– Make friends with hard empathy
– Be a conduit, not a creator


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