Santiago Chavez, Miguel Verduzco & José Luis O.

Digital Strategist, Chief of Staff & Head of Marketing

Multiplica & Grupo Herdez

Santi is an expert in cultural studies, trend theory, and digital transformation, standing out most in design and innovation. With a deep understanding of market research and data analysis, he applies his knowledge to developing business strategies adapted to the digital era. His approach to Design Fiction allows him to explore possible futures, combining creativity and analysis to anticipate emerging trends and technologies. His work not only drives innovation, but also guides organizations toward a more adaptable and visionary future.

Mike is an industrial engineer and materials scientist by training, early in his career he specialized in logistics planning in the automotive industry. He holds a Master's in Business and Technology (MBT), and has specialized in the re-design and automation of processes, applying Behavioral Design principles to improve operational efficiency. With a background in critical theory and language sciences, Mike combines technical and humanistic approaches in his work. He focuses on digital strategy and artificial intelligence, seeking to innovate and lead at the intersection of technology and business.

José Luis has over 20 years of experience in Consumer Insights, Innovation and Marketing with proven ability on strategy design based on deep human understanding. He's an expert in translating insights into actionable recommendations for branding, communication, innovation pipeline and product design.

Strategic Design with Design Fiction

In this talk, we will explore the field of Design Fiction as a powerful tool for designing futures. By combining the creativity of design with the narrative of science fiction, Design Fiction allows us to imagine and explore possible, desirable and sometimes uncertain futures.
We will dive into how this methodology not only anticipates future technologies and trends, but also raises critical questions about the ethical, social and cultural implications of these innovations. Through practical examples and case studies, we will see how Design Fiction has been used in various sectors, from technology and architecture to politics and health, to create provocative and thoughtful visions of the future.
The talk will also offer a step-by-step guide on how to implement Design Fiction in your own projects, including techniques for generating ideas, building narratives, and visualizing future concepts. Additionally, we will discuss how this approach can foster interdisciplinary collaboration and open innovation.


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