Amy Johnson

Sr. Product Designer

Sprout Social

Amy Johnson is a Senior Product Designer at Sprout Social in Chicago, IL. She is a late-diagnosed autistic female and a neurodiversity and product accessibility advocate. Amy has experienced several different types of tech work environments through her career and has a unique perspective on what it means to design and work with others while being autistic. She was diagnosed at the age of 27 and has since been on a journey of self-discovery that has led her to speak out about Neurodiversity in creative workplaces.

Rewire Your Team: Embracing Neurodiversity by Design

Neurodiversity is more than an inclusive headcount. It’s about building sustainable creative environments that benefit everyone. Belonging shouldn’t be a nice-to-have feeling. Join Amy, a Product Designer and late-diagnosed autistic woman, as she walks us through her personal journey and shares with us the thoughts and learnings she’s had along the way.

During her talk, Amy will share key takeaways to help us learn about the rapidly growing population of late-diagnosed neurodiverse women in the world. We’ll discover how neurodiversity intersects all other diversity and why that is an important call to the future of design culture. Amy will tap into actionable ways to improve hiring practices, sustainable work environments and normalizing different types of effective communication.


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