Aitor Gonzalez

VP of Digital Design


Aitor comes from a little town in the south of Madrid. After more than 15 years of leading their small studio in Spain, he moved to Latin America, where we could work in Perú and then México, where he’s lived for the last five years. He led teams and projects in companies like Interbrand and frog during that period. He currently works as VP of Digital for Butchershop Global, where he leads the digital unit design to help start-ups in growth and scale states in San Francisco overcome major inflection points by beating failure through responsible design.


The last two decades have meant a qualitative leap in the creation of technology that has changed our lives together with the understanding that has created unwanted effects affecting us as individuals and as a collective. In addition to that, this period ends
with two years of an industry struggling to leave behind a deep crisis, layoffs, and find a new path. Altogether it is perfect timing for designers to make a deep reflection about what’s needed for us before moving forward in the next twenty years.

Join Aitor on a walk to get some insights into how designers can adapt to play a main role in companies to create more impactful, positive, balanced, and meaningful products and services for their customers.


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