Pamela Armstrong, Fernanda Zuñiga & Carolina Sepulveda

Lead UX, Lead Design Ops, Head of UX


Pamela Armstrong is a consultant with over a decade of experience in digital product design. She has led projects in Chilean consulting firms in the public and private sectors, and is a university professor in Chile. She excels in implementing Agile methodologies, focusing on research and strategies for new digital products. As a UX Lead, she leads innovative projects to improve the user experience and generate impact on both the business and users.

Carolina Sepulveda is Partner and Director of Experience & UX at the consulting firm BBK+2Brains with a team of +120 people. She is a designer, has a Master's in Business Administration, is passionate about experience design focused on people, and loves communities and collective learning. She is the Academic Director of the User Experience Design for Digital Products (DUX) Program at the Catholic University of Valparaíiso. She is the Co-Founder and Regional Coordinator of + Mujeres en UX, the first Latin community of women in UX.

Fernanda Zúñiga has more than a decade in the field of user experience and digital product design, where she has stood out for her ability to lead teams and execute innovative projects. Currently, as UX Lead & DesignOps, she focuses on optimizing processes and constantly seeks to improve and standardize scalable design practices. Additionally, she is a Co-Founding Partner at Octeto Studios, a video game development company in Chile since 2012, demonstrating her entrepreneurial vision and dedication to the digital world and the creation of meaningful experiences.

AI and UX: Designing an Ethically Aware Future

Services and products can shape our behavior, beliefs and values; and can even be used to manipulate or exploit people or their circumstances. As designers, we know that it is crucial to design taking into account ethical considerations to prevent our work from contributing to generating negative impacts on society – even unintentionally – whether it may be on political scenarios or supporting social, racial or gender inequality.

With this talk, we will explore the fusion between Artificial Intelligence and User Experience, redefining how to create digital interfaces powered by this technology, but from a responsible perspective. Let’s join Carolina, Fernanda and Pamela to understand how ethics in AI and UX design shape our future, and what are the keys +2Brains applies to guarantee that the interfaces we create as designers, really contribute to building an inclusive and diverse future.


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